Obesity Clinic


At the juncture of completing 25 years of service to the patients of Malabar, we are stepping forward with the introduction of Alshifa Obesity Care Centre under the Dept. of General & Laparoscopic surgery, with dedicated facilities and modalities based on scientific assessment of multi factorial problems leading obesity.
The clinic is lead by expert team of Surgeons, Endocrinologist, Diabetologist, Pulmonologist, Anesthetists, Nutritionist & Rehabilitation Therapists.
Our Team
Dr. MATHEW GEORGE. MBBS, MS (General & Laparoscopic Surgeon)
Dr. RAJU A GOPAL. MD, DM (Endocrinologist)
Dr.SUBIN AHAMMED MD(Pulmonory Medicine),FCCP
Dr. MOHAMED ABDUL NAZAR. MBBS, DA (Anesthesiologist)
Dr. SAJITH. MD, DA (Anesthesiologist)
Dr. MOHAMMED SHAMEEM. MBBS, MD, DA (Anesthesiologist)
Ms. P. SUBA SOORIA . (Nursing Officer)
For more information and support you may please contact:
Coordinator & Clinical Nutritionist
Ms. Gopika Raman
Mob: 9446444479 Tel: 04933-227616 Extn.:459 Email:
Rehabilitation Therapist
Mr. Praveen. E
PRO-cum counselor
Mr. Muhammed Nasar. C
Mob: 9446371500 Email: nazymsw@yahoo.com