International Patient Services

The International Patients visiting the KIMS Al Shifa Super Speciality Hospital from countries outside India are provided with the most specialized and competent service. Our medical team including physicians, administrators, and international care liaisons – coordinate all aspects of each international patient’s visit to the hospital. From managing medical consultations and hospital admissions to travel and hotel arrangements, our staff is committed to making international patients and their families feel comfortable during their stay.
KIMS Al Shifa Super Speciality Hospital has a good infrastructure and is handling a steadily increasing flow of foreign patients to date.

The hospital will provide a private room for you and will allow one family member/escort to remain with you overnight. A cot will be provided for the guest

What to bring
Inpatient clothing: pajamas, nightgown, bathrobe, slippers. Each patient is provided a closet for accommodation of a limited quantity of personal articles. Please bring only those items necessary during your stay. Inpatient toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, etc Personal Items: eyeglasses, dentures, hearing aids It is not advisable to bring valuables with you (jewelry, large sums of cash, credit cards).

Medical Updates
The patient care coordinator will keep your referring physician updated on your treatment progress while you are a patient at KIMS Al Shifa Super Speciality Hospital.

Visa And Travel Assistance
+91 4933 261 481 (8.30AM – 6.00PM)
24 Hr Helpline :+91 4933 227 616
Mobile : 9847280400
Email :