General Disciplinary Rules

1. Students are expected to be polite to all & abide by the rules and regulations of the Institution. They must respect and be obedient to staff members as well as the managing authorities of the College and Hospital.
2. They should give utmost importance to their class room session, practical, homework and sessionals. They are expected to maintain highest standards in their academic, professional and private life.
3. Students are not permitted to proceed on leave without permission of the Principal. They will have to report daily in the College attendance. In case of illness, permission will have to be obtained from the Principal for remaining absent from Class and practicals.
4. Every student shall have to attend classes and practicals. They are not supposed to leave the College premises without the permission of the Principal.
5. The student should strictly adhere to the dress code, decided by the College Authorities. They must produce ID card whenever it is demanded by the College/ Hospital authorities.
6. No student should stand or loiter in the corridors during Class hours. They are forbidden to write on walls, desks or on other furniture both in Class rooms & Hostel.
7. No students will be admitted to the class room unless he/she is well equipped with the required instruments and necessities as and when instructed by the concerned faculty members.
8. Usage of Mobile Phones during day time is strictly prohibited. They can make calls from the PCO which is installed in the hostel campus.
9. Without proper permission of the Principal, organizing/conducting tours, picnic etc. are strictly prohibited.
10. It is the responsibility of Students to keep their belongings safely. They are advised not to keep heavy cash, gold/silver ornaments and costly items in their rooms.
11. They should avoid any kind of money transactions.
12. Students are required to maintain personal and environmental hygiene.
13. Students are required to conserve the power and water, and make sure that they switch-off fans, lights and water taps when not necessary.
14. In case of falling sick, students are required to intimate the sickness to the Class Teacher/ Warden.
15. No visitors will be entertained during working hours of the College.
16. Any student found to have violating any of the rules and regulations of the College or found disturbing the peace and harmony in and off-campus; will be prosecuted by the Head of the Institution, reserving the right to suspend/dismiss the student without any explanation.
17. Certain undesired activities such as ragging, taking of alcohol and drugs, smoking, using vulgar language and indulging in violence are strictly prohibited, and are punishable.
18. In case any incident of ragging comes to the notice of the Principal, the concerned student shall be given liberty to explain and if his/her explanation is not found satisfactory, the Principal reserves right to take action as per the directions of the Supreme Court of India, including expulsion from the Institution.