About the Trust

AL SHIFA CHARITABLE TRUST was founded in the year 2005 with a main objective of helping the poor and needy especially from the backward area who are really helpless in getting medical assistance due to lack of adequate funds. There are numerous unfortunate from the hooks and nooks of the country.
The Trust envisages a materialistic approach to uplift the poor who are deprived/abandoned sections of society. The Trust aims to cut across man made barriers, to transcend the differences of gender, country caste, creed and color. It is our objective to reach out to as many people as we can, to make whatever humane difference possible, assist them to lead their lives with dignity.
In the midst of a world increasingly driven by self-interest, that we intend to carve out an oasis of peace and tranquility where people would be encouraged to give up their selfish motives to pursue the realization of the love innate in every human being. Hence our greater accent on the development of the inner world so that an appreciation of one’s authentic inner beauty can in turn, radiate and reflect on the outside, rendering the world around us beautiful too.

  • To render medical and financial assistance to the poor patients.
  • Providing assistance to hospitals in setting up various facilities for the promotion of charity such as Blood Bank, Operation Theatre, Eye Bank, Poor Patients Block, Pain and Palliative Care Units, Burn Centers etc.
  • Maintenance and management of outdoor dispensaries, mobile medical services, ambulance services, Mobile mortuary or assistance thereof, for the promotion of charity in general.
  • Assists to set up hospitals, nursing homes, research foundations, Cancer Centers, Rehabilitation centers etc. for the promotion of charity.
  • To organize community based intervention programmes for the promotion of health such as rural health camps/ campaigns at schools, colleges, panchayat etc.
  • To render assistance in carrying out relief operations in cases of natural calamities, major accidents, social emergencies etc.
  • To render assistance to other social welfare organizations and NGOs in providing medical assistance viz. Red Cross, Help age India, CRY etc.
  • To establish and run Day Care Centers, Kids House, Family counseling centres, Hostels, Residential Schools, Special Institutions for the mentally challenged, physically handicapped and socially disadvantaged children etc.
  • To run, manage, provide assistance in setting up of poor homes, old age homes, orphanages, halfway homes, after care centers etc.
  • To implement various projects and social development schemes approved by the State/ Govt. and other statutory bodies with or without financial assistance.
  • To run and manage educational institutions of various disciplines such as Medical Colleges, Dental Colleges, Nursing Colleges, Pharmacy Colleges, Paramedical Colleges and Colleges/ Schools of Management, Arts, Sciences and Technology, etc; in aided/ unaided/ self-financing sector.
  • Scholarship/ sponsorship to the needy talented students from rural areas.
  • To render financial assistance for marriage, to repair or construct houses to the needy public irrespective of caste, creed and religion etc.
  • Cash and other awards for honouring outstanding personalities of the society.
  • The Trust requires large financial support to carry out above goals and become the resting pillar of all perils of the downtrodden society. Well wishers can very well participate in such philanthropic gestures by contributing to Al Shifa Charitable Trust through Canara Bank Account No.5017, Perintalmanna.